What about CPanel control panel?

cPanel and WebHost Manager (WHM) combine to form a fully featured web hosting control panel system. cPanel and WHM allow you to provide an interface for both your customers and your staff.The cPanel and WebHost Manager package includes:
• cPanel - Domain Owner Control Panel
• WebHost Manager - Server Administration and Reseller Panel
• Webmail Panel - Webmail Access Panel
• Free Installation!
• Unlimited Domains per Server!
• Fully Brandable!
• Complete Server Administration Interface!
• Fully Featured Domain Owner Interface!
• Separate Server Administrator, Reseller, and Domain Owner Interfaces!
• Free Multi-Language Support!
• Free Virus Scanner!
• Free Game Servers!
Technology Overview
cPanel and WHM 11 allows your business to work on all levels. With four levels of access, you and your customers have access to the tools they need 24x7x365, from anywhere they have access to the internet.

WebHost Manager (WHM) [Server Administrator Login]: From WHM, you can provision accounts, tweak security settings, install addon software, and much much more. This interface provides access to the heart of the cPanel and WHM package and allows a Server Administrator to simply configure a few options and be on their way to hosting web sites.

WebHost Manager (WHM) [Reseller Login]: Resellers also get limited (configurable) access to WHM to create new domain owner accounts, backup accounts, and access to many other tools as determined by the Server Administrator.

cPanel [Domain Owner Login]: Within cPanel, a domain owner has all the tools they need to create an impressive web presence. They can add mail accounts, access their files, use website builders, add a blog to their site, and a whole lot more. With cPanel, your web hosting clients have access to a huge variety of hosting features that can put your hosting business, and their web site, on the map!

Mail [Mail User Login]: Every person who has a mail account on a cPanel domain has access to webmail, spam filtering, message filter, and many more settings so they can get a great mail experience.